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Our focus is upon delivering advanced, user friendly cloud based marketing and analytics systems to help businesses all over the world to grow and expand.

We understand the potential which is made possible by rapidly evolving web based technologies, and are tapping into this to offer a combination of web based software and customised marketing strategies for businesses like yours.

The key online platforms we have developed cover the following areas:

For any marketing campaign to be effective it is essential to have very accurate, and relevant, marketing data to begin with. Through Globalux™ Data, we hold millions of records of freshly verified business and consumer data, ready to compile into targeted marketing lists for our customers.

We believe that all marketing in the digital age should be looked at holistically, rather than individual techniques being singled out at the sacrifice of other viable options. While we will always advise companies to make use of state of the art digital marketing technologies available, we also understand the importance of traditional sales techniques to create a well-rounded and effective strategy.

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work-AOur team of telemarketing experts can help you rapidly generate leads, book appointments and close sales by following up email campaigns sent to targeted data lists. With the 3 step process of strong data, well planned email marketing and perfectly timed follow up calls, you can expect to start seeing the results you have been looking for within just days.

Inbound marketing has become more important globally over recent years with the rise of social media and search engine use. With this in mind, we have launched Globalux™ Hybrid – a high power combination of website analytics, link building, social media strategy and content marketing that has seen our customers hitting page one of Google for highly competitive, national key phrases. Not only will our advanced cloud based software tell you exactly what is wrong with your website and how you can improve it for search engine ranking, but you will also be able to keep track of your website traffic stats plus precise ranking results for all of your chosen key phrases.

For any company to advance and evolve, it is necessary to be continually taking steps in the right direction. Our team of experts are here to offer you invaluable advice and guidance gained from years of direct experienced within the digital marketing industry, and to make sure that you are only spending what you need to be for the results you seek. We believe that honesty and hard work pay off for all involved. This is why you will always see precise attention to detail everywhere with Globalux™ Solutions, along with great results, a desire to help others to succeed, and very competitive pricing that is hard to match elsewhere.

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