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Entry To Enterprise Level Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful methods at your disposal to reach out to thousands of prospects in an instant. There is a good reason why the world’s largest brands are using email marketing on a daily basis – because it works very well for them.

With our Globalux™ Genesis digital marketing platform, you will be able to schedule unlimited campaigns and set up various layers of automation. We also offer a fully managed service so if you require assistance with your marketing strategy, implementation and email design, we can take care of everything for you.

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Powerful, Advanced Email Marketing With Built In CRM System And Automation

Vast Capabilities, No Limitations

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When it comes to email marketing, it is essential that it is done correctly otherwise your efforts will be sadly wasted. Our team of experts will make sure that your email creatives are free from spam words, and that your domain is fully authenticated to help maximise inbox delivery rates.

Through working with clean lists, advanced marketing strategies, and taking advantage of our powerful software/server infrastructure, our clients have experienced open rates of over 50% when sending to marketing lists of cold prospects. Let us help you get similar results by booking a free demo today.


Can I email people who aren’t my customers?

Many email newsletter providers (such as Mailchimp) will only let you email subscribers to your own newsletter list. Whilst it is very important to stay in regular contact with your customers, emailing new businesses and consumers can be a very effective way of getting great leads. To comply with the Can Spam laws, you must include an unsubscribe link in each email to allow anyone to remove themselves from the mailing list. Globalux™ Genesis can take care of this for you.

Unlimited Lists and Subscribers

Stop paying for how many people you have in your customer and marketing databases, and only pay for the emails you send! Have a million contacts but only want to send to 100,000 a month? With our fair and competitive pricing model, you will not only be saving money but will also be able to make useof the built in CRM capablities for tracking lead status, taking call notes, moving records between lists plus more.

Packages To Suit All Requirements

With prices from only £45 a month, you have every excuse in the world to start running your digital marketing campaigns through Globalux™ Genesis. Get as involved as you like with complex strategies and automation, or simply let us run everything for you. To arrange a free demo and trial, call us on 03335 777 157 or click the button below.