Business Marketing Data

As businesses look to grow and expand, whether they are a start-up or seasoned business, they realise the importance of widening the net to achieve more of a customer base and the way in which to do that is through marketing and advertising.

However, spreading the word about your products and services also means having accurate data behind those campaigns for them to be their most successful. If your campaigns haven’t included data profiling to suit potential customers to meet your target market, then the campaigns won’t be of the highest standard or produced much of a return. Buying quality business data will help to turn the tide and bring in the results that you are looking for.

Accurate, Verified Lists

If your business is ready to market its products or services more, then the accuracy of the business data lists you are using should be first and foremost in your mind. If you have specific businesses or sectors in mind, then we can create business lists that are perfectly suited to your needs. The information contained can be used for direct mail, email marketing or telemarketing campaigns and all of the data we have is compliant and accurate, meaning that when you or one of your sales team try to make contact with your potential prospect they will be using the correct information for your potential prospects.

Here is an example of some popular profiling options:

  • Turnover
  • No. of Offices
  • Employees
  • SIC Code
  • Premise Type
  • Company Type
  • Business Age
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Position

As a business you know that everything which effects your bottom line is key, and therefore you will want to avoid purchasing mistakes. Marketing needs to be performed consistently month on month for you to continue to see growth, and using fresh business data is a great investment in that growth.

Using incorrect or old B2B lists could also affect your business’s reputation, especially if your sales team start to get complaints or queries as to where they obtained the information from. If the business marketing data that you purchased was a bulk discount buy with no specific source mentioned or available, then your sales team may get frustrated when trying to generate new business from this data only to find that the people are less receptive than they’d hoped or that they have the wrong information again, and again. Therefore, when using data for any type of campaign you must ensure that your business’s database is compliant, verified and accurate. You may currently be using data which you have used for a number of years, and if there are questions over the validity or accuracy of this data, then your business could get into difficulties such as being reported to the CTPS or classed as spam.

Using our experience and understanding in developing the perfect campaigns for different business types, we will work with you to attain your fundamental goals by selecting only the best business data for your direct marketing. Quality business marketing data measurably increases the generation of new leads and sales, and all of our data includes full contact details and information ensuring you connect to the right decision maker.

  • Fresh, Verified Data   –
  • 4+ Million Records Available   –
  • Many Profiling Options   –
  • Accurate & Compliant


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