Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning Services

Many business may not see the need for data cleaning services but they are a vital and essential part of maintaining your business’s databases. If you are spending a lot of time sendingout marketing campaigns based on data records that you already have in house, you may find yourself consistently on track for a fruitless experience.

In addition, when looking to purchase new data our appending services will also help eliminate the possibility of duplicate records. Having the inaccurate contact details for potential prospects will not look good when you or your sales team try to approach these individuals or businesses, only to find out that they are not the decision maker you anticipated or you have the telephone number for a completely different business or household.

Accurate, Verified Lists

Data cleaning helps to remove any duplicates or multiple entries that you may have for a company. Protecting your brand from sending out information to the wrong records has to be taken into consideration, and by eliminatingor updating records that are no longer valid you also eliminate the uncertainty that comes with your existing data, leaving you with marketing lists that you can depend on. This will also lead to an increased confidence that the data which you use to send out marketing material to, will be present and correct. If you are investing time and resources by solely using your current customer database, and the returns are not forthcoming, then you need to think about cleansing your business or consumer data to make sure that it is not costing your business more than it needs to. Having current and up to date marketing lists will help to reduce these costs, and make the money that you have spent on the campaigns worthwhile.

Here is an example of some popular profiling options:

  • Turnover
  • No. of Offices
  • Employees
  • SIC Code
  • Premise Type
  • Company Type
  • Business Age
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Position

When bearing in mind the evolution of business or consumer data, the landscape changes considerably over short periods of time: companies merge and take on a new identity, consumers move house or change their email address multiple times, and some businesses decide to shut up shop. Whatever the instance, we can ensure that you have the most up to date, amalgamated and enhanced databases that you could need for your business’s marketing success.

The process of the data cleansing starts with a free data audit, and we will also be able to check your current data to suppress any records that are either duplicated or are incorrect. It is important to us that we work with you to ascertain where any issues lie and then correct those for better, more productive marketing campaigns and the audit will help us to begin doing just that. You don’t want to market to prospects that no longer work for a company or whose details have changed, so let us help your business to move forward and expand on your database’s productivity with our data cleaning services.

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