International Data Services

Unless you already have contacts oversees that can assist you in building business relations in those countries you’re looking to market to, you may find it difficult to get started. So if your business is looking to expand overseas, then our international data services will provide you with the foundations to make your vision happen.

As you may already be aware, business data can be used for any type of marketing to generate more leads and sales. Whether you choose to set up a telemarketing team to chase new customers, send out high quality marketing material by post for a more personalised experience or set up targeted email campaigns to maximise click throughs and traffic to your website, the choice is endless. In short our international business data is another way to boost your business’s bottom line, and start increasing your customer base outside of the UK.

Accurate, Verified Lists

You may now have a solid base of customers in the UK and are ready to expand your operations,thereby increasing your returns and significantly raise brand awareness.Perhaps you want to test the water with a new product or service, and other locations seem be more conducive for your target market. As such our international business data is perfectly suited in helping you to achieve your objectives, and we look forward to growing your business with you.Furthermore you won’t need to worry about having to employ a translator to communicate your ideas to the countries you are looking to target, as we can give you precise information for those decision makers that are highly fluent in English – you will have a direct contact with which to discuss any new business, no matter what location that may be.

Here is an example of some popular profiling options:

  • Turnover
  • No. of Offices
  • Employees
  • SIC Code
  • Premise Type
  • Company Type
  • Business Age
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Position

Beforepreparing to market to the international business community, you may want to think about the strategy of your campaigns in order to fully make use of each phase and the subsequent resources that will be used. If you are looking for a faster return you may need to send out inhigher quantities than the norm, and as such we will need to clearly define and assess your target market in order to ensure your marketing lists are at their most effective.We can help you to decide the best profiling options, such as location, position in the company, current turnover and so on in order for your campaigns to be at their most effective.

As with the UK wide data that we offer, we ensure the accuracy and efficiency of all of our international business data in order for you to connect with the right prospects,assist your business in building new relationships and grow your customer base. One of the ways in which we safeguard the relevancy of our international business data is to ensure it is refreshed every 3 months.

Get in touch with us today by telephone on 03335 777 157 or by email to discuss your ideas and objectives, and we will help to get those ideas become concrete and move things forward in the right direction.

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