Our Data

Our Data

Supporting businesses to reach their goals is our main aim, and data is an important element in facilitating those goals to becoming a reality. When marketing, a business may not think of the data they use as a matter of high importance but it is at the very core of how well your campaigns will perform. We want your business to do well, and as such we will help to guide you through a variety of data profiling options to ensure that your marketing campaigns are as effective as possible; we want to guarantee that you are targeting the most receptive audiences for your products or services.

Our range of data solutions and packages help our clients to target their perfect customers and generate a return on their investment. Whether you are small or large business, we have worked with sole traders and SMEs, right through to corporations and agencies, so we know what it takes for campaigns to be successful. We can base your marketing lists on any number of requirements, and they will serve as a strong foundation for all of your marketing activities.

Accurate, Verified Lists

Accreditation, recognition and responsibility are also important to us. One of the organisations we are part of is the ICO which is an independent body who regulate how data is used, and help businesses to comply with the Data Protection Act. We are confident that our data provision meets all known requirements. We also ensure that all of our customers have a free sample of the data to use to test, as well as a data count which cover their specific requests. All of our data is compliant, verified and checked on a regular basis. We also recognise that clear and informative communications will help us to truly identify your key prospects, and therefore help you to create constructive campaigns; we will support your business in generating the leads that it deserves to that end.

Here is an example of some popular profiling options:

  • Turnover
  • No. of Offices
  • Employees
  • SIC Code
  • Premise Type
  • Company Type
  • Business Age
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Position

We have customers that have been with us for more than 2 years and believe that this is in part due to the helpful support and guidance that we provide. We actively support communications through telephone, email, live chat, Skype and through our online platform so whenever you have a query about your campaign or data purchase, we are here to help. It is fair to say that our team are hardworking and conscientious when it comes to finding the right solution for your business, and in collaborating with you to achieve your ambitions.

Accessing the best data for your campaigns will ultimately validate their success, and we are happy to help you in reaching your expected targets. When your business succeeds from having used our business or consumer data, then we have succeeded in giving your business quality data provision and as such look forward to serving your business in creating further successful campaigns. Your success is our success.

  • Fresh, Verified Data   –
  • 4+ Million Records Available   –
  • Many Profiling Options   –
  • Accurate & Compliant


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