Empower your digital campaigns with highly targeted, verified and opted in marketing data.

Fed up with being restricted to sending newsletters to your current customers, or subscribers only? Don’t want to get banned from your current email marketing provider for sending to a purchased marketing list? Globalux™ Genesis was created with you in mind.

Many email marketing service providers will simply ban you from their system if you start sending to purchased marketing lists. We actively encourage it. Why? Because reaching out to new businesses and consumers by email is a proven and cost effective method of gaining new customers, it works. We want you to experience this for yourself and succeed in your marketing endeavours, rather than holding you back by imposing restrictions on who you can market to.

Whatever your method of marketing, our high quality custom built databases are put together with one goal in mind – to help drive more targeted customers directly to your business.

To find out how we can help form a solid foundation for all of your marketing strategies with our top quality business data, fill out the form below for a detailed and free no obligation quote.