Connect to hundreds of thousands of potential new customers at the touch of a button with Globalux Genesis.

Our interface is not only quick and easy to navigate, but has many advanced features under the bonnet ready to be unleashed to help gain the success with email marketing that you have always wanted. Our system is capable of sending a basic newsletter to 500 customers a week, or sending multiple split test campaigns to millions of records utilising time saving triggers and automation.

Website and Pay-Per-Click Integration

Add unlimited website forms to gather new leads through all of your websites and landing pages. Set up a simple newsletter subscription or a detailed quote request form, all with essential features such as confirmed opt-in, thank you email, series of automated emails, redirects and admin notifications.

Keep track in detail of pay-per-click campaign conversions by setting up multiple landing pages and collating all leads in one place, instantly ready to be contacted both by automated emails and your sales team. Globalux™ Genesis is a digital marketing suite, not just another email marketing platform.

Make all of your online marketing efforts work for you seamlessly by beginning your free, no obligation trial today.

Start Building Your Customer Base Now

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost effective tools available to you when looking to expand with new leads, appointments and sales. Our team of experts can help you to make full use of Globalux™ Genesis to assist you in reaching your goals and expectations. The biggest brands in the world employ email marketing on a daily basis…as a business looking to gain new customers, have you ever stopped to think why big brands would use such a method, still knowing that email can be seen as spam? The answer is simple:


Let digital marketing do the same for you. We have only touched on a handful of features offered within Globalux™ Genesis so if you would like to find out more and have a live demo, feel free to call us on 03335 777 157, email or ping us on live chat. Our goal is the same as yours – to encourage others to buy from you, whilst building your brand and online reputation using one of the cost effective and powerful formulas around!