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With High Quality, Targeted UK Business Data

UK Business Direct is our premium UK B2B marketing data which will help you to reach out to more prospects than ever before.

If you’ve been looking to build your own specific business marketing data lists to promote your products and services, then you will find all you need with our data provision services. Relying on data generated by your subscription forms alone isn’t enough, if you’re looking to achieve a certain percentage in growth you need to widen the net to include those that haven’t yet found your business.  Our business marketing marketing data will help your business to reach our to more prospects, and help you to start building new business relationships.

All of our business data records are continually updated on a 3 month cycle to ensure that they are as accurate and up to date as possible, leaving no room for error when contacting potential prospects.  We also ensure that they are 100% compliant with TPS/CTPS screening, and able to be used on all types of marketing campaigns.

Having data that is current is also very important for your sales team, and they are a central part of your business’s success.  Telemarketing teams will feel more confident in contacting prospects, and also in delivering the results that you expect, if they have the best data possible. It is also crucial to your business’s reputation to have accurate data, so that you set the best impression first time around.




Business Type (SIC) – Location – Turnover Bands – No. Of Employees – Job Title (including DM)



With High Quality, Targeted UK Consumer Data

UK Living Direct contains over 25 million consumer records.  You will be able to choose from standard or extended targeting options for accurate and fresh consumer data.

Being able to target the right consumers in the UK is easier with our UK Living Direct database. With over 25 million records, we can help your business to expand the reach of it’s product or service offering to more than just your current subscribers.  Whilst having a friendly following is great news for your business, you also need to widen the net of people who are interested in what you have to offer, and our consumer marketing data is a great place to start reaching out to more prospects.

You can begin to see an increase in online purchases and people calling in because they have received your email, direct mail or telemarketing campaign.  Having the right details for your potential customers is crucial, and with consumers signing up to offers all the time you want to ensure that you have the most up to date records possible.  This will help to avoid lost time spent on resources that could have been better spent elsewhere, and also increasing the amount of people that can actually buy from you.  Using targeted consumer marketing data in your campaigns will help raise awareness of your brand, generate new leads and even increase traffic to your website.  Most importantly these are people who are interested in what your have to offer, and are happy to receive information based on this.



  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Bands
  • Geographical
  • Homeownership


  • D.O.B.
  • Income
  • Dependants
  • Property Type
  • Employment Status



Using Our Targeted, High Volume Email Databases

Email Focus includes over 12 millions contacts, each with email address, full name, landline number and postal address, meaning that you can further expand your marketing reach and make your campaigns more versatile.

This is our cost-effective marketing data which includes B2B and B2C records.  All of the records within this database are updated twice a year to ensure that they are relevant, but also affordable to you.  There are still many targeting options available to you within this database, and this data is a perfect addition to your current email database should you be looking to expand.  Having all of the contact details available for your prospects, makes this a good choice for promoting your latest business or consumer offering.

Email Focus is our low cost data solution, for any business looking to generate leads and customers within a budget.  With so many records available, you will be able to utilise multi-channel marketing in as many ways possible, but at an affordable price to you.



Business type (SIC) – Geographical – Turnover Bands – No. Of Employees – Job Title (including DM)

Age – Gender – Income Bands – Geographical – Homeownership