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At Globalux™ Solutions, we want your business to succeed in the online world.  We are a digital marketing company with one aim in mind – your business’s success.

SEO is constantly evolving, and as such your marketing needs to make sure it includes up to date search engine practices to ensure that you are ahead of the game.  The search engines impose strict standards that have to be adhered to, in order for your site to appear in the searches but with the right know-how, quality SEO services will support your organic growth in the search engine’s placement.

Our SEO packages will work to get you to page 1 of Google, and help you to stay there. Having relevant and useful information is important to attract the search engines, your website needs be considered worthy of attention and we can help you to achieve that and more.  You can look forward to rising above your competitors with Globalux™ Hybrid.


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Our SEO Process Will Cover The Following Areas:


Social Bookmarking
Business Listing
Blog Posting
Directory Sites
Ad Posting
Forum Posts
Image Submission


Daily Posts (5 accounts)
Social Interactions
Social Shares
New Followers
Following Strategy


Subject Research
2 X 500 word articles
SEO Optimised
Added To Website


Before we make a start on your campaigns, we will run a comprehensive SEO audit of your website to compare it to your competitors who are currently on page one.

You will also receive a detailed health check to ensure that various important factors all pass the necessary tests for your website to be indexed fully, by the search engines.  This is important for ensuring everything is aligned, and for the success of your campaigns overall. As well as this you will have your own login to our SEO portal, as well as analytics software to check on your campaigns.

We will also recommend any other changes such as page additions and website structure to ensure the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.  Once all of the recommended changes have been carried out, we will be ready to submit and verify your site with the major search engines.

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Your SEO Campaigns Will Cover The Following Areas:


Keyword density
Mobile rendering
W3C Validation
nternal/outbound links


Server speed
Technology used
Server details
GZip compression
Browser caching
DNS Lookups


Local directories
Social profiles
Social activity
Social distribution
Social sharing
Our SEO packages cover a lot of work to make sure that you get to page 1, for all of your key phrases.  Let us take that strain away from you and save your business money, through implenting one of our range of complete SEO packages – your website deserves quality.


Submissions, Content and Link Building


We work with you to ensure that your SEO campaign has the right foundation, in order for the work we do to be at it’s most effective. We also use many techniques which will mean you will be in favour with the search engines, rather than penalised.  Having a good foundation is the start to your SEO campaign process, and we will work with you to ensure that we get off to the best start.


Content is now more important than ever, not just for your reader’s attention but also for coming up in local and national search.  With Google placing more emphasis than ever on natural written content and website updates, your website will always be a key factor in how well your site ranks.   If you haven’t got time to do this yourself, then this is the perfect addition to your marketing.


We understand that you need an SEO company that can build you the right campaign which works, but also one where you can see the growth across the board.  This is why all of our packages allow for different types and levels of progress monitoring.  This will help you to know where your campaign is at and help you to keep track of your key phrases at any given time.

Every quarter you will receive an updated SEO audit and website health check, plus we will generate a new sitemap and update this with the major search engines.


Social Media Marketing

Having an SEO campaign with that pow factor, means that you have to do something extra – this is where social media platforms come in. Not only will it add towards building your organic growth in the search engines, but it will give you more visibility in the the social platforms that you may be currently using.  And if you are not using these platforms, then it will be another addition in building your business, and your brand.

There are millions of users on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few, and your business needs to be part of their success. Globalux™ Hybrid will help your business to branch out, whilst growing organically through the search engines at the same time.  If you spend time on social platform already, you can still continue to enjoy doing that – just see our service as an extension to your social media marketing activities.

Get in touch with us to find out how Globalux™ Hybrid can be the boost you needs, and grab your free SEO audit too!

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