Social Media Marketing Packages For Local, National & International Targeting

Get Social While You Sleep!


Build New Business Relationships and Create Connections.

A lot can be said for word of mouth advertising of your brand, and social media does just that without you having to be present. It enables you to connect with people from your local area right across to the other side of the globe. If you’re not utilising the social media platforms available, or don’t have the time or resources with which to do it, then our team of experts can help you.

From Instagram to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, there are many ways to reach the tens of thousands of individuals, and businesses on these websites with our dedicated social media marketing packages.  Depending on the package that you choose, we can generate any number of leads and help to start build your brand through social platforms.

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Social Media Marketing

Why Use Social Media Marketing For My Business?

The answer to this question lies clearly in the stats.  The growing use of social media daily by those who regularly use these platforms, has just kept on rising and will continue to do so.

Pinterest for example has a female audience of over 80%, and men will be the first to admit that the buying potential of females is great. With fashion, weddings, births, home wares and busy lifestyle aplomb, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram provide not only entertainment value but they showcase items (whether directly or indirectly) for purchase by those buyers of the household. But what’s most impressive is that this picture-based website gets 100 million active users approximately each year.  Twitter also comes in at a very respectable 255 million active users…and there are more stats to garner from other social sites. One cannot begin to wonder at the possibilities of where this could take your business in 2016.

In addition, Twitter and Facebook, well known for their use of the equally intriguing #hashtag, have over 2 billion users combined. So the question you need to think about is, ‘where does my business fit in here?’.

Currently, you may have a team making sales calls, or have pay per click, printed advertising and even free directory listings – all of these marketing methods are great, they will all work when conducted correctly. But, the power of social media wants your voice too and when it comes to marketing it’s a good idea to have all of the marketing mix covered. The ears and eyes of social have plenty of room for all of your products and services, not to mention your blogs, photos and videos as well. Your potential customers live for internet purchases and connections on social media that they can’t get anywhere else.  The consumer’s behaviour online is to make a purchase or to find interesting information relating to that item. We can help to get these people to your website and use social media to its full advantage, for your business,

Managing Your Own Social Media Marketing:

  • Devoting your leisure time to social – by keeping on top of your social media without giving yourself a break from work, you will consistently be finding reasons to just do that quick tweet or Facebook update. You may find yourself exhausted from having to keep up with your competitors
  • Posting all about your business, products and services – social media should be about sharing, it is after all a networking tool
  • Not posting on a consistent basis – you enjoy sharing information and making new friends, but following people as and when or sending out updates when you think you should isn’t enough to build your brand.  Even the big brands post and follow consistently, and this is one of the ways in which they have grown their best audience
  • Not enough time available – try as you might you have realised that trying to monitor all the accounts, all the emails, all the followers, all the posts and messages, isn’t possible or realistic

Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing:

  • The benefits of working with someone that knows your audience – it’s not just a case of being sociable, you need someone who understands the interactivity between users and your target market
  • Reactive response – making sure that responses are consistent and monitored. Responding to updates/messages in a timely manner helps build respect and relationships with potential customers, and encourages sharing of your updates
  • Start with a strategy – it’s not enough to follow or tweet occasionally and hope that leads will come through from your efforts. We will develop your own personalised strategy in order to ensure that social works for you in the best way possible
  • Creating interest in your business – we will create and share content that your reader will enjoy and will help increase your brand awareness
  • It will save time and valuable resources – think of all the time that you will save for your core business activities by outsourcing this essential piece of marketing