Targeted Telesales Campaigns
That Bring Results


The 3 Step Method To Success

Cold calling is a technique still employed by many companies daily to reach out to new customers. Why is this still done with all other marketing options made available by the digital age? Because telemarketing still works.

However, there is a far more cost effective and efficient alternative to this classic numbers game carried out by call centres all over the world. If you are looking to rapidly expand your client base then a telesales campaign is unquestionably one of the most powerful options to utilise. Combine it with our Globalux™ Genesis digital marketing platform and watch the leads and sales come flooding in!

Speak with one of our team today to find out how you can start getting instant leads by putting together customisable, 3 step telemarketing packages to fit your exact requirements and goals.



Advanced Technologies Combined

To any venture, the foundation is always key to the greatest success. With telemarketing this will be the all-important data list. We can create a tailored marketing list through our vast and verified Globalux™ Data databases, so that you can be guaranteed the reliability and accuracy required. It is essential that every name, address, phone number and email address are verified and correct.

We have partnered with Soho 66 and Quvu so that all telemarketing campaigns we run are powered by state of the art VoIP telephony systems and software. We have built our digital marketing and CRM platform Globalux Genesis to integrate with the intelligent autodialler Quvu, meaning that our staff can easily contact 250-300 potential customers for you per day, and you can easily keep track of results.


Save On In House Marketing Costs and Training

Training and managing staff, preparing campaign strategies and monitoring the results all take time. Every telemarketing campaign we run is put together and overseen by one of our expert sales managers. This means that all training, scripts, strategies and management is covered within all packages to leave you and your team free to get on with what you do best.

Follow Up Telemarketing To Close New Deals

Once you have a targeted list of thousands of potential customers, we will send all recipients an initial email to introduce your services. We will ensure that the timescale of the email sends and telemarketing campaigns are synchronised, so that all calls made on your behalf will be specifically timed to increase the likelihood of an immediate connection. We are able to regularly book appointments within one hour of calling for current customers which demonstrates how effective this formula can be.

Custom Packages To Suit All Businesses

Whether you are looking for 8 hours of calling a week to follow up everyone who has opened one of your emails, or are looking at a national telemarketing campaign with 20+ seats, we are able to set up and implement a powerful campaign utilising the strategies outlined on this page. If you would like more information, please call 03335 777 157 or click the button below.

Advanced VoIP Technologies

Script Composition

Monitor Progress In Realtime

Payment Processing Available

Expert Training and Management

CRM Integration

Contact 250+ People Per Hour

Better Results Than Cold Calling

Custom Strategy Development

Email Marketing Integration

Rapid Appointment Setting

Proven, Effective 3 Step Formula